Thursday, May 9, 2013


6:00–8:00 pm


Bamboo Izakaya

1541 Ocean Ave., #120
Santa Monica [map]
(310) 566-3860


$30 per person

including tip & tax


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What's Arabashiri?


Sake is brewed during the winter months and is usually allowed to age until fall. But some breweries release a small amount of nama (unpasteurized) genshu (undiluted sake) fresh from the vat each spring. Bottled young and released early, these seasonal sakes have vivid flavor, exuberant freshness and a clear, refreshing finish. The purest, most delicious namazake of all is called “Arabashiri.”


Bottled young and released early, Masumi's new release is vivid, elegant and refreshing. It makes its 2013 U.S. debut on May 9 at Bamboo Izakaya, along with six other junmai, ginjo and daiginjo labels from one of Japan's most iconic breweries.

Masumi's Keith Norum will be on hand to talk about Masumi's 350-year history of sake-brewing, while the Bamboo Izakaya kitchen serves up a selection of tasty hors d'oeuvres.

Please make reservations online through the following link: Sake Event Ticket Store. Ticket purchases are final and attendance is limited to 40 persons.

Appetizer Menu

  • Maguro Tartare: Spicy marinated big eye tuna and avocado served on crispy gyoza chips
  • Sake Kushi: Grilled salmon fillet chunks with shishito pepper
  • Negima Kushi: Grilled chicken breast and green onion
  • Hamachi & Avocado Kushi: Hamachi-wrapped avocado with jalapeno-ginger ponzu
  • Tsukune Kushi: Minced chicken and pork meatballs grilled with tare sauce
  • Umeshiso Maki: Classic roll with fresh pickled plum and shiso leaf
  • Kappa Maki: Classic roll with fresh cucumber
  • Kara Age: Fried chicken with karashi mustard

Masumi Sakes

  • Arabashiri “First Run
  • Okuden Kantsukuri “Mirror of Truth
  • Yawaraka Junmai “Sake Matinee
  • Yamahai Ginjo “Tanglewood
  • Yamahai 50 Nama “Last Ride Home
  • Nanago “Seventh Heaven
  • Yumedono “Mansion of Dreams

About the Brewery


Masumi traces its origins to 1662, when the brewery was founded near Lake Suwa at the southern fringe of the Japan Alps in Nagano Prefecture. An abundance of pure mountain springwater, an excellent brewing rice called Miyamanishiki and a local tradition of precision craftsmanship gave rise to the region's full-bodied, flavorful and well-rounded sakes. Association No. 7, an aromatic new yeast strain discovered by Masumi's brewmaster in 1946, is used by over half of the breweries in Japan.